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She is an Entrepreneur.  Actress and Model (SAG/AFTRA Member) , Producer, as well as a Certified Beauty Specialist.

She was born in Tokyo, Japan. After four years of studying in the US, she worked at the US Embassy in Tokyo. She has a career of working at a financial group of Citi Bank and Citi Securities, and also an International Real-Estate Development company in Tokyo, where she was assigned to travel all over the world to make business deals.


One of her business trip destinations was Scottsdale, AZ. She fell in love with this pretty city and decided to move there.  


She worked as a Japan Sales Representative of a French beauty company in Scottsdale, AZ and she founded a company in Arizona in 2002.


In 2007, She expanded her business to Hollywood.


She has produced a TV show that airs in Southern California and Japan since 2014. 


She also advocates Beauty & Wellness Lifestyle in her blog, SNS and YouTube.    Click Links

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